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Scientific synonyms and common names

Neogobius Iljin, 1927
Gender: M; Tr. Azov. Chernomorsk. Eksp., 2: 135
Type: Gobius fluviatilis Pallas, 1811, by orig. design.


Eichwaldia Smitt, 1900, Ofr. Svensk. Vet. Akad. Forh., 1899: 545 (type: Gobius caspius Eichwald, 1831, by orig. design.), not Eichwaldia Billings, 1858, Rep. Progr. geol. Surv. Canada, 1857: 190, among Brachiopods.
Babka Iljin, 1 927, Tr. Azov. Chernomorsk. Eksp., 2: 1 32 (type: Gobius gymnotrachelus Kessler, 1857, by orig. design.)
Apollonia Iljin, 1927, ibid.: 133 (type: Gobius melanostomus Pallas, 1811, by orig. design.)
Ponticola Iljin, 1927, ibid.: 134 (type: Gobius ratan Nordmann, 1840).
Eichwaldiella Whitley, 1930, Austr. Zool., 6: 123 (repl. for Eichwaldia Smitt, 1900).

Genus Neogobius