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Scientific synonyms and common names

Acanthurus Forsskål, 1775
Gender: M; Descriptiones animalium ...: 59
Type: Chaetodon sohal Forsskål by subs. design. of Jordan, 1917: 33.


Hepatus Gronow, 1763, Zoophylacium: 113 (suppressed by Opinion 89; Xth Intern. Cong. zool., Annex.: 1608).
Teuthis Linnaeus, 1766, Syst. Nat., ed. XII: 507 (type: Teuthis javus by subs. design., suppr. by opinion 93, ibidem, annex: 1608-1609).
Theutys Gouan, 1770, Historia Piscium: 105 (type: Teuthis hepatus Linnaeus, by subs. design. of Fowler & Bean, 1928: 207).
Theutis Bonnaterre, 1788, Tabl. méth. Ichth.: 156 (type: Theutis hepatus, by monotypy).

Genus Acanthurus