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Triglops Reinhardt, 1831

Body elongate, caudal peduncle slender; head and back with small bony knobs or scaly plates, the dorsal row of plates well developed or fused with small granulations; oblique skin folds with finely serrated edges below lateral line. Preoperculum with 4 small and simple spines, the uppermost markedly larger than the rest. Vomer toothed, palatines toothless; a slit behind fourth gill arch. Anal fin long, with 18-32 finrays. Lateral line with bony plates and 46-50 pores. Males with well-developed, conical urogenital papilla. Vertebrae 44-51.
Shelf fishes. Feed on small benthic invertebrates. Spawn in autumn and winter. Eggs demersal, not numerous (about 1,000). No commercial value.

Species about 8; in Clofnam area 3.

Recent revision: Andriashev (1949).

Genus Triglops