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Cottus Linnaeus, 1758

Body naked or more or less densely covered with prickles, top of head weakly armed, without ridges. Teeth present on jaws, almost always on vomer, but very rarely on palatines. Gill membranes joined to isthmus, not forming a fold across it; very small slit behind fourth gill arch or completely covered by skin. Dorsal finrays (IV) V-X + 13-22; upper pectoral finrays rarely branched; pelvic finrays I + (3)-4; anal finrays (9) 10-22. Lateral line uniserial, rarely incomplete, with very small pores. Vertebrae 31-38.
Freshwater fishes on hard or mud bottoms among stones in streams, rivers and lakes with moderate or weak currents, rarely in estuaries or brackish coastal waters. Feeding on small bottom invertebrates. Eggs demersal, large, usually no more than a few hundreds. No commercial importance.

Species 31; in Clofnam area 2.

Recent revisions: none.

Genus Cottus