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Artediellus Jordan, 1887

Body completely naked, head and front of body with or without various dermal barbels or bony projections. Preoperculum with 2-4 spines, the upper with hook curved upward, but no additional spinules. Vomer and palatines toothed. Pelvic finrays I + 3. If present, sensory canals in skin on head without accessory pores; lateral line with only lower row of pores, 17-33. Vertebrae 29-31.
Benthic on soft and stone bottoms of shelf and upper bathyal waters to 800 m. Feed on small bottom invertebrates. Eggs demersal, large and few (usually no more than a few hundreds). No commercial value.

Species 10; in Clofnam area 3.

Recent revision: Neyelov (1979).

Genus Artediellus