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by A. P. Andriashev

Small or medium-sized fishes (about 20 cm SL, rarely to 50 cm). Body usually elongate, tapering, covered by an armour of 6 or 8 longitudinal rows of bony plates. Pelvic fins with 1 spine and 2 soft finrays, a little behind the often large pectoral fins (i.e. thoracic); the anus immediately behind the pelvic fin base; 2 dorsal fins (or first one absent); anal fin short, opposite soft dorsal; all finrays unbranched. Vertebrae 35-50.
Marine fishes living on the bottom, mostly in the cold or temperate waters of the northern hemisphere; one genus in southern South America. Eggs few, large and demersal, fry planktonic.

Genera about 20; in Clofnam area 3.

Recent revisions: Sheiko, 1991; Kanayama, 1991.

Family Agonidae