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Benthodesmus Goode & Bean, 1882

Profile of head gently rising from tip of snout to dorsal fin origin. Frontal ridges not elevated; nape flattened, without sagittal crest. Lower hind margin of opercle convex. Spinous and soft portions of dorsal fin divided by notch, base of the former twice shorter. Second free spine before anal fin enlarged, thin, cardiform with median keel projecting as a short point; external anal fin complete or restricted to hinder part of base. Pelvic fins minute, with 1 scale-like spine and 1 tiny ray. Caudal fin present, forked. Lateral line slowly descending from above gill opening to mediolateral position.

Habitat: oceanic, benthopelagic on continental slope and underwater rises; juveniles mesopelagic. Food: fishes, squids, crustaceans. Reproduction: see family.

Distribution: eastern North Atlantic from Iceland to Madeira and the Canaries. Elsewhere, western Atlantic from Newfoundland to Bermuda Is. (B. elongatus simonyi); southern Hemisphere near South Africa, New Zealand and Sala y Gomez Is. (B. elongatus elongatus); northern Pacific from Japan and Vancouver I. to California (B. elongatus pacificus).

Species about 10; in Clofnam area 1.

Recent revision: Parin & Becker (1972).

Genus Benthodesmus