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by R L. Haedrich

Medium-sized fishes with a deep, compressed body of a bluish or silvery colour. Eye and mouth small. Dorsal fin single and long-based, longer than the similar anal fin; anterior rays longer than those which follow, but fins not falcate. Pectoral fins broad and wing-like, but not prolonged; pelvic fins absent (except possibly in very small specimens). Scales small, cycloid, easily shed, extending onto the bases of dorsal and anal fins; top of head naked.
Coastal pelagic fishes of warm and temperate waters. Occur in schools across the continental shelf, and may at times be locally quite abundant. Larvae are found in the neritic plankton.

Genera 3; in Clofnam area 1.

Recent revision: Haedrich (1967).

Butterfishes (Family Stromateidae)