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by J.-C. Hureau

Medium-sized bottom fishes; body moderately elongate, somewhat compressed; adipose eyelid usually well developed; margin of preopercle serrate or smooth; mouth inferior, the overhanging snout blunt; maxilla broad posteriorly, reaching beyond level of eye. Two widely separated dorsal fins, the first with 8 flexible spines and the second with a single flexible spine and 9-14 soft rays; anal fin originating below level of second dorsal fin origin, with 3 flexible spines and 11-30 soft rays; pectoral fins low on body in two parts, the lower with several separate and thread-like rays, pelvic fins with 1 spine and 5 soft rays, abdominal in position; caudal fin large, deeply forked. Lateral line complete, usually forked at base of caudal, with a branch on each fin lobe. Scales of moderate size, ctenoid, the head nearly fully scaled; unpaired fins largely covered with small scales.
Shallow-water fishes dwelling on sandy or muddy bottoms. Tropical fishes, common in brackish waters; some species enter rivers.

Genera 7; in Clofnam area 1.

Threadfins (Family Polynemidae)