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by C. D. Zander

Small fishes, the majority less than 10 cm TL. Skin slimy without scales. One long, continuous dorsal fin with spiny and soft rays and 1 long anal fin with 1-2 spines and 15-26 rays. Pelvics jugular, 3-5 rays, forked into two parts.
Worldwide, most species in Indo-Pacific area; inhabit littoral zone on hard bottoms including coral reefs, some in brackish or freshwaters, some intertidal or even semi-terrestrial; only rarely pelagic. Oviparous, male guards eggs. Highly developed social and spawning behaviour.

Genera 44-53; in Clofnam area 7, 1 (Blennius) belonging to the tribe Blenniini, 6 to the tribe Parablenniini.

Blennies (Family Blenniidae)