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Hyperoplus Gunther, 1862

Oblique plicae covering the sides of body. Premaxillae non-protrusible; tip of lower jaw enlarged and protruding at least half of one eye diameter beyond the upper jaw. Two teeth present as a single biscupid prominence at the anterior end of the vomer. Margins of dorsal and anal fins straight with rays of equal length. Lateral line pores linearly arranged along unbranched canals; pattern of body scaling similar to Ammodytes tobianus rather than A. marinus. Length up to 40 cm SL.
Larger and less abundant than Ammodytes species on which they commonly prey. The switch from zooplankton to fish diet takes place at about 10-15 cm length. Each species occurs both inshore and offshore. Rarely the dominant species of sand-eel in any area.

Species 2, both in Clofnam area.

Genus Hyperoplus