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Lyconus Günther, 1887 (incertae sedis—Merluciidae or Macrouridae?)

Head and body compressed; long tapering tail. No barbel; snout blunt and abrupt with a median prominence in front of the eye; mouth wide, terminal and both jaws armed with strong pointed teeth unequal in size; vomerine teeth. First gill-slit not restricted; gillrakers rather long, flattened, broad at base. 2 dorsal fins; second ray of first dorsal, spiny, flexible; second dorsal and anal fins confluent with a small caudal fin anal fin shorter than second dorsal fin. Anus just before anal fin. Scales small, cycloid. No light organ. Seven branchiostegal rays.

Species 2; in Clofnam area 1.

Genus Lyconus