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Valenciennellus Jordan & Evermann, 1896

Body fusiform; mouth moderate, nearly vertical. Pseudobranch present gillrakers on first arch 12 (13) + 2-3 (4) = 14-15 (16); branchiostegal rays 10, 3 on epihyal. Anal fin origin in advance of dorsal fin origin; anus nearer to anal fin than pelvic fin origin: dorsal adinose fin present.
Photophores: AC in 3-6 groups each of 2-4 (rarely 1) photophores, with posteriormost group at caudal base always of 4 paired photophores; OP3 single; IP (3) + (4); PV (15-18); latero-dorsal series of discrete melanophores along body.
Subtropical-tropical, oceanic, mesopelagic fishes, greatest depth about 550 m; short or no diel vertical migrations. Feeding on small crustaceans. Dioecious.

Species 2 perhaps 3; in Clofnam area 1.

Genus Valenciennellus