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Sternoptyx Hermann, 1781

Body laterally compressed, deep; eye directed laterally. Mouth vertical; branchiostegal rays 6, 3 on epihyal. Dorsal blade of single spine with anterior serrated projection; dorsal adipose fin present; anterior anal pterygiophore elongate, bearing external spine and supporting triangular membrane above anal fin. Post-temporal spines poorly developed; postabdominal spines (iliac) well developed; abdominal keel well defined.
Photophores: (adult): ORB 1, unpigmented, ventral to eye which has ventral aphakic gap; BR (3); OP 3; IP (S); PV (10); VAV (3) (pre-anal); AC (3) + (4) (anal + sub-caudal); OA (3) + I (supra-pectoral + supraanal). OP3 first photophore to develop. Colour: back dark, flanks silver. Temperate to tropical, oceanic, deep meso-bathypelagic genus at 500-2,000 m; post-larvae slightly shallower, at 300 m; no vertical migrations. Feeding on small fishes and crustaceans. Dioecious.

Species 4; in Clofnam area 2.

Recent revisions: Haruta & Kawaguchi (1976); Borodulina (1977, 1978); Badcock & Baird (1980).

Genus Sternoptyx