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Vinciguerria Jordan & Williams, 1896

Body moderately elongate; eyes normal to slightly tubular; mouth large; premaxillary teeth uniserial; dentary teeth biserial anteriorly; gillrakers on first arch 14-33; branchiostegal rays 12, 4 on epihyal. Anal fin origin beneath middle or end of dorsal fin base, its baso about equal to or shorter than dorsal fin base; last dorsal and anal finrays unsplit or split to base; dorsal adipose fin short, about over end of anal fin; pelvic fin base slightly in advance of dorsal fin origin.
Photophores: ORB 2; SO present or absent; IV and AC photophores level, with 6-7 AC over anal fin.
Subtropical-tropical, oceanic, mesopelagic; pre metamorphic postlarvae near surface; juveniles and adults at 200 800 m by day. All species make some diel vertical migrations. Feeding on small crustaceans. Dioecious. One species known to spawn more than once in a season.

Species 4; in Clofnam area 3.

Recent revisions: Gorbunova (1972).

Genus Vinciguerria