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Polymetme McCulloch, 1926

Body elongate; eye normal; mouth large; premaxillary teeth biserial; dentary teeth biserial anteriorly; gillrakers on first arch 15-19. Anal fin origin under end of dorsal fin base; anal fin base more than twice dorsal fin base length; last dorsal and anal finrays split to base; dorsal adipose fin short, over posterior half of anal fin; pelvic fin bases well in advance of dorsal fin origin.
Photophores: ORB 1, antero-ventral to eye; SO present; ninth or tenth IV, and first 1 or 2 AC photophores, elevated; VAV 7-8. Glandular material present as dorsal crescent on iris.
Subtropical-tropical, benthopelagic, associated with continental and island slopes and sea-mounts; juveniles and adults at 165-800 m. Probably no diel vertical migrations. Dioecious.

Species 3, possibly only 1; in Clofnam area 1.

Genus Polymetme