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Ichthyococcus Bonaparte, 1840

Eyes tubular, directed dorsally; mouth small; premaxillary teeth uniserial, dentary teeth biserial anteriorly; gillrakers on first arch 20-37. Anal fin origin well behind end of dorsal fin base; anal fin base about equal to or slightly shorter than dorsal fin base; last dorsal and anal finrays split to base; dorsal adipose fin long based, over entire anal fin; small pre-anal ventral adipose fin present; pelvic fin base behind dorsal fin origin.
Photophores: ORB 2, one antero-ventral, one mid-ventral to eye; SO present or absent; BR 11-18; eighth IV photophore elevated; AC photophores level. Glandular material absent on head and body.
Subtropical-tropical, oceanic, mesopelagic fishes; metamorphic larvae near surface; juveniles and adults at 150-650 m; no diel vertical migrations. Dioecious.

Species 7; in Clofnam area 1.

Recent revisions: Mukhacheva (in press).

Genus Ichthyococcus