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(incl. Dussumieridae)

by P. J. P. Whitehead

Small or moderate-sized silvery fishes with no spiny finrays and a single short dorsal fin; no adipose fin behind it. Belly with a keel of sharp scutes (absent in Dussumieria and Spratelloides in Clofnam area). Caudal fin forked. Scales present, often easily shed; no lateral line.
Most species coastal, pelagic, often forming large shoals of great fishery importance; some species enter brackish or freshwater and the shads are anadromous (but a few species, subspecies or forms entirely freshwater).

Genera 64; in Clofnam area 9.

Recent revisions: Svetovidov (1952—in Russian; 1963—English translation).

Herrings (Family Clupeidae)