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Author: (Gilchrist, 1906)

Allocyttus verrucosus (Gillchrist, 1906)

Diagnosis: body deep and almost rhomboid, the predorsal profile straight. Operculum covered with radiating bony ridges,unscaled. Eye very large; mouth moderate. Pectoral fins high up and rounded; pelvic fins nearer to anal fin origin than to isthmus; Dorsal fin V-VII + 29-33 finrays, the second spine longer than others, anal fin with II-III + 27-31 finrays, the first spine slightly longer. Scales ctenoid. two rows of enlarged scales, low on belly, developed on prejuveniles, less distinct with age. Colour: dark brown or violet. Size: to at least 38 cm.

Habitat: in deep water, between 400 to 1500 m. Food: mainly shrimps, cephalopods and fishes. Reproduction: no data.

Distribution: off North-western Scotland (58° 40'N, 9° W.) Elsewhere: Tropical and South Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Australia.

Coster dory (Allocyttus verrucosus)