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Author: Clarke, 1879

Benthodesmus elongatus Clarke, 1879

Diagnosis: D XLIV XLVI + 104-109; A II + 93-102; P 12; V I + 1; external anal fin rays restricted to hinder part of fin base; pelvic fins below pectoral fin origin. Colour: silvery with dusky shading on back and fins. Size: to 130 cm SL.

Habitat: oceanic, benthopelagic on continental slope and underwater rises; juveniles mesopelagic. Food: fishes, squids, crustaceans. Reproduction: see family.

Distribution: eastern North Atlantic from Iceland to Madeira and the Canaries. Elsewhere, western Atlantic from Newfoundland to Bermuda Is. (B. elongatus simonyi); southern Hemisphere near South Africa, New Zealand and Sala y Gomez Is. (B. elongatus elongatus); northern Pacific from Japan and Vancouver I. to California (B. elongatus pacificus).


Benthodesmus elongatus elongatus: D XLIII-XLV + 101-104, totally 146-148; A II + 92-95.

Benthodesmus elongatus simonyi (Steindachner, 1891): D XLIV-XLVI + 104-109, totally 148-155; A II + 93-102.
Eggs, larvae and young stages. Parin & Becker, 1972: 186.
Otoliths (sagitta). No data.

Benthodesmus elongatus pacificus: Parin & Becker, 1970: D XLIV-XLV + 98-102, totally 143-146; A II + 91-93.

Frostfish (Benthodesmus elongatus)