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Author: Bertelsen & Nielsen, 1987

Monognathus boehlkei Bertelsen & Nielsen, 1987

Diagnosis: snout blunt. Jaws long and almost straight. Dorsal fin with 130-150 rays: its origin above myomeres nos. 13-16. Anal fin with 103-109 rays; its origin immediately behind anus. Myomeres 103-109. Pectoral fins short, 2-3% of standard length. Colour: skin unpigmented and transparent. Six lateral, subdermal spots. Size: 55-70 mm.

Habitat: bathy- and abyssopelagical. Food: no data. Reproduction: no data.

Distribution: holotype caught off Bermuda and paratypes southwest of Madeira.

Monognathus boehlkei