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Author: Cuvier, 1829

Echodon dentatus Cuvier, 1829

Diagnosis: eel-like; head 1/9 TL; upper profile straight; pigmented eye diameter less than or equal to 15% head length; predorsal bone present; anus posterior to pectoral fin base; pectoral fin one-half length of head. Vomer rounded posteriorly and separated from palatine teeth by a distinct gap. 42-45 dorsal finrays; 47-50 anal finrays anterior to thirty-first vertebra, 14-17 pectoral finrays. Lateral line pores absent. Colour: see genus. Size: to at least 170 mm TL.

Habitat: probably similar to E. drummondi, but fewer specimens exist and less is known about this species (Vu Tan Tue, 1964; Lloris & Rubies, 1978).

Distribution: western Mediterranean (Nice, Monaco, Naples, Sicily and the Adriatic); a record off Morocco.

Eggs, larvae and young stages. Emery, 1880, 2: 16, pl. 1 (fig. 3-4) | Padoa, 1947b: 111, pl. IV; 1956b: 771, fig. 665-667.
Otoliths (sagitta). No data.

Echiodon dentatus