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Author: Zander & Jelinek, 1976

Speleogobius trigloides Zander & Jelinek, 1976

Diagnosis: see genus. Dl Vl; D2 1 + 7 (6-7); A I + 5 (5-7); P 14-15. Scales in lateral series 26-30. Colour: reddish, with pale saddles across back and vertical red bands distinct below lateral midline of sides. Size: to 2.26 cm.

Habitat: inshore, on boulders, in 8 m to at least 25 m and in a grotto. Food: no data. Reproduction: mature male of standard length 1.75 cm.

Distribution: Mediterranean (Adriatic); the holotype was obtained in the Grotto of Banjole, near Rovinj, Yugoslavia. No further published records, but now known also from Adriatic islands of Krk, Prvic and Hvar (R. Hacker).

Grotto goby (Speleogobius trigloides)