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Author: (De Buen, 1918)

Lesueurigobius sanzoi (De Buen, 1918)

Diagnosis: lateral line system with anterior dorsal rows g and h continuous. forming dermal ridge, and sub-orbital row b reaching edge of preopercle. Nape scaled. Dl VI: D2 I + 15; A I + 16-17; P 22. Scales in lateral series 25-26. Colour: diffuse vertical yellow and dark brown bands across body. Size. to at least 9.5 cm.

Habitat: offshore, muddy sand or mud, 47-100 m. Food: no data. Reproduction: no data.

Distribution: eastern Atlantic (Portugal to Mauritania (17°20' N)); western Mediterranean (Alboran Sea).

Eggs, larvae and young stages. No data.
Otoliths (sagitta). No data.

Sanzo's goby (Lesueurigobius sanzoi)