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Author: Vaillant, 1888

Rouleina attrita Vaillant, 1888

Diagnosis: head large, one-third of body or more; eye about equal to snout, well before midpoint of head; upper jaw reaching to behind eye. Dorsal fin far back on body, with 18-21 finrays; pectoral fins small, with 6-7 finrays; pelvic fins with 6 7 finrays; anal fin below dorsal fin, with 18-21 finrays. Skin deciduous; scales of lateral line 43-48, ring- like and on edge, absent elsewhere. Vertebrae (pre-ural) 19-22 + 22-26 = 43-46. Testes ribbon-like, in convoluted folds but never in discrete lobes. Colour: black. Size: to 38 cm.

Habitat: engybenthic on continental slopes, mainly at 1,400-2,100. Food: no data. Reproduction: ovarian eggs large (to 3.2 mm in diameter).

Distribution: off Morocco, the Azores and northward to west of Scotland. Elsewhere, southward to the Cape Verde Is.; also western Atlantic, south-eastern Pacific and south- western Indian Ocean.

Eggs larvae and young stages. No data.
Otoliths (sagitta). Vaillant, 1888: 159, pl. XII (fig. 2b-c).

Softskin smooth-head (Rouleina attrita)