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Author: Koefoed, 1927

Rinoctes nasutus (Koefoed, 1927)

Diagnosis: body fairly slender, head large, about 3 1/2 times in body. Snout pointed, premaxillae produced into a 'beak' projecting beyond tip of lower jaw; upper jaw reaching to front part of eye; teeth present in both jaws, on vomer and on basibranchials. Dorsal fin moderate, with 11-15 finrays, its origin somewhat behind midpoint of body, pectoral finrays 8-10; pelvic finrays 7-8 (plus a splint bone); anal fin origin below about middle of dorsal fin, with 10-13 finrays. Body scaleless. Colour: head blackish, body pale yellowish. Size: to 19 cm.

Habitat: probably engybenthic, abyssal, at 2,000-4,156 m, mostly below 3,650 m; locally frequent, somewhat gregarious. Food: engybenthic crustaceans, worms, sponges. Reproduction: large ovarian eggs (to 4.5 mm in diameter) and few (20 in a fish of 18.3 cm).

Distribution: scattered records off Morocco, the Azores and to the southwest of Ireland. Elsewhere, southward to 20° N; also, Gulf of Mexico.

Eggs, larvae and youns stages. No data.
Otoliths (sagitta). No data.

Abyssal smooth-head (Rinoctes nasutus)