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Author: Nielsen & Larsen, 1970

Herwigia kreffti Nielsen & Larsen, 1970

Diagnosis: body moderately elongate, head about one-third of body length. Snout shorter than eye; hind border of eye well before midpoint of head; tip of upper jaw reaching well beyond eye; fine teeth in upper jaw none in lower jaw. Pyloric caeca 9-10. Dorsal fin well behind midpoint of body but its origin well before anal fin origin; dorsal finrays 15-
18, pectoral finrays 16-18, pelvic finrays 7-8 (plus a splint bone), anal fin origin below about middle of dorsal fin base, with 13-15 finrays. Colour: dark brownish- black. Size: to at least 38 cm.

Habitat: bathypelagic, from about 1,600 to 2,700 m. Food: no data. Reproduction: ovarian eggs relatively large (to 3.3 mm in diameter).

Distribution: scattered records north from the Azores to about 53° N. Elsewhere, southward to 21° 35' S, also Indian Ocean and in Pacific off Hawaii.

Eggs, etc. Nielsen, 1972b: 33 (ovarial eggs).

Krefft's smooth-head (Herwigia kreffti)