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Author: Regan, 1906

Centroscymnus cryptacanthus Regan, 1906

Diagnosis: snout tapering smoothly to tip, longer than distance from eye to first gill-slit; pre-oral clefts reaching halfway to jaw symphysis. Upper teeth lanceolate. Iowers broad cusped. Pectoral fins with distinct free tip; interspace between dorsal fins 6 times first dorsal fin base; dorsal spines completely beneath skin; pelvic fins reaching beyond free tip of second dorsal; caudal fin broad, tip truncate, lower lobe poorly differentiated. Colour: dark brown. Size: to 70 cm.

Habitat: benthic on slopes, at more than 400 m. Food: fishes, ?crustaceans. Reproduction: unknown, ?ovoviviparous.

Distribution: Madeira, Elsewhere, off Senegal and one specimen taken off Uruguay.

Shortnose velvet dogfish (Centroscymnus cryptacanthus)