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Author: (Schneider, 1801)

Centrophorus granulosus (Schneider, 1801)

Diagnosis: upper teeth erect and symmetrical to nearly symmetrical along central part of jaw; lower teeth with finely serrate or smooth cutting edges. Inner corner of pectoral fins greatly extended and narrowly pointed. First dorsal fin height and base length (measured from anteriororigin of spine) 5.4 and 8.5% TL; first dorsal fin higher than second. Denticles on sides of body closely spaced in quincunx arrangement, but not overlapping, block-like, nearly quadrate, crown weakly convex to flat, anterior half with 5-7 low ridges converging posteriorly. Colour: uniformly dark grey to greyish-brown (adults); grey above and light below, fins with white margins (juveniles). Size: to about 150 cm.

Habitat: benthic over the upper slope, from about 350 to 500 m. Food: teleost fishes and squids. Reproduction: ovoviviparous.

Distribution: Mediterranean and eastern Atlantic northward to Portugal. Elsewhere, southward to Senegal; also, Gulf of Mexico.

Eggs, embryonic and young stages. Lo Bianco, 1909: 667 | Ranzi, 1932: 240 243, fig. 22 | Capapé, 1974a: 243.

Gulper shark (Centrophorus granulosus)