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Starfish with generally inconspicuous marginal plates, not forming a vertical edge to the disc.

The dorsal and oral side are covered with spines, mostly in groups on prominences from the plates, forming paxillae, more rarely isolated.

Tube-feet and pedicellariae
Simple pedicellariae may occur. The papulae are mostly both on the dorsal and ventral side. The tube-feet are usually in two series and always provided with a sucking disc.

Treated taxa:
- Family Asterinidae
- Family Echinasteridae
- Family Solasteridae

The three mentioned are also classified in three different orders:
- Family Asterinidae in the Valvatida Perrier, 1884
- Family Echinasteridae in the Spinulosida Perrier, 1884
- Family Solasteridae in the Velatida Perrier, 1893

Order Spinulosa