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Order Dinamoebales Loeblich, 1970

Multiphasic life cycle with unicellular stages representing planktonic bi- and triflagellated motile forms of a gymnodinioid or peridinioid type. Benthic or temporarily amoeboid forms with filapodia or lobopodia, and benthic cyst stages of multiple forms. Amoeboid forms can have flagella and remnants of cingulum excavation in the transformation stage from flagellate to amoeba. Heterotrophic nutrition: all stages lack chloroplasts except for flagellates and amoebae that have kleptochloroplasts or whole photosynthetic prey items in food vacuoles. Motile and mobile forms capable of phagocytosis.

Family Pfiesteriaceae Steidinger et al., 1996

Order Dinamoebales