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Genus Cochlodinium Schütt, 1895

Cells unarmoured. Gyrodinioid cells, small to medium-sized, with greater than 1.5 X cingular rotation. Usually with apical groove. Single cell or chain-forming species. Body sometimes appears twisted due to cingular torsion. Chloroplasts present or absent. Encystment common.

Planktonic species. Some red tide formers and toxic.

Remarks: Species of this genus are differentiated based on the following characteristics: 1) shape and contours; 2) size; 3) amount of cingular rotation or number of turns; 4) presence of striae or ribs; and 5) color.

Species included from this genus:

Cochlodinium polykrikoides Margelef, 1961

Genus Cochlodinium