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(Hancock, 1849)

Tiny, burrowing, shell-less cirripedes. Mantle enclosed in a chitinous sac, rounded, fixed to side of burrows, opens by a slit. Prosoma with four pairs of cirri. First cirri biramous maxillipeds, remaining three pairs are uniramous and with only four segments. Gonochoristic, dwarf males settle in or near the female. Cyprid with six pairs of biramous thoracopods.

Occupies burrows in whelk shells (Buccinum and Neptunea ) inhabit by the hermit crab Pagurus bernhardus . Burrows open on the surface of the columella of the body whorl of the shell; opening elongated and rounded at one end. Sublittoral.

Southern Scandinavia to the Mediterranean.

Trypetesa lampas