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Athersuch & Horne, 1987

Carapace large, 0.65-0.75 mm long, elongate reniform, somewhat produced anteriorly and posteriorly. Dorsal margin with a strongly convex central section and weakly concave anterior and posterior sections, ventral margin moderately sinuous, anterior and posterior margins rounded. Greatest height close to mid-length. Fused zone moderately broad. Male more elongate than female. Distal process of male copulatory appendage subtriangular with a convex distal margin (S. schornikovi 4 ).

Littoral and sublittoral.

This species may be distinguished from other British Sclerochilus species by the produced, 'snout-like' appearance of the anterior and posterior extremities of the carapace.

Bristol Channel, SW England; W Scotland.

Sclerochilus schornikovi