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Sars, 1882

Body length up to 1. 5 mm. Frontal margin of carapace produced to an acute rostrum. Antenna 1 slightly over half the length of the cephalothorax.
Chelipeds poorly developed, propodus small and narrow.
Merus, carpus and propodus of pereiopods 3-6 each armed with two serrate denticles.
Pereionite 1 shorter than the others, widening anteriorly, and with prominent but thinly chitinised hook ventrally.
Exopodite of uropod single-articled almost as long as first article of the two-articled endopodite.

It has a depth range of 9-210 m.

T. microcheles has been recorded from the Isle of Man and the west coasts of Ireland and Scotland in fine or muddy sand. In addition it occurs on the coast of Norway.

Typhlotanais microcheles