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Milne-Edwards, 1830

Coxal plate 2 distal margin concave. Epimeral plate 3 posterodistal margin smooth, irregularly rounded. Antennae densely setose. Gnathopod 1 propodus much smaller than carpus, both triangular, setose, palm delimited by obtuse angle. Female gnathopod 2 carpus with narrow setose posterior lobe, propodus oval, palm convex delimited by 2-3 small spines. Male gnathopod 2 carpus elongate, robust, carpal process simple, more or less elongate, propodus variable may be oval with inner margin irregularly keeled, or in some large specimens may be long and narrow with margins more or less smooth, dactylus only moderately robust.

Up to 10 mm.

Depth range from extreme low-water to 200 metres, builds tubes of mud and fine sand attached to algae or hydroid growths.

North Atlantic; North Pacific; Arctic Ocean; European coasts from northern Norway to Mediterranean and Black Sea.

Ericthonius difformis