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Status in World Register of Marine Species

Accepted name: Phtisica marina Slabber, 1769

Scientific synonyms and common names

Squilla acaudata pedibus quatuordecim Cronovius, 1760
Squilla ventricosa Müller, 1776
Cancer (Gammarellus) ventricosus Herbst, 1793
Caprella ventricosa Bosc, 1801-02
Proto pedata Leach, 1814
Cancer gammarus pedatus Montagu, 1915
Leptomera rubra Lamarck, 1818
Leptomera pedata Lamarck, 1818
Proto pedatus Fleming, 1823
Proton pedatum Desmarest, 1823
Cancer (Leptomera) rubra Latreille, 1836
Cancer (Leptomera) pedata Latreille, 1836
Leptomera ventricosa H. Edwards, 1840
Proto pedatum W. Thornpson, 1944
Proto pedata White, 1850
Proto elongatus Dana, 1853
Proto goodsirii Bate, 1856
Naupredia tristis van Beneden, 1861
Proto elongata Bate, 1862
Proto ventricosa Boeck, 1871
Proto goodsiri Stebbing, 1876
Leptomera pedata (Gammarus) M. Sars, 1858 (1859)
Proto brunneovittata Haller, 1879
Gammarus pedatus Abildgaard, 1789
Phthisica acaudata Reibisch, 1906
Phtisica acaudata Tichy, 1911
Phytisca marina Crawshay, 1912
Phtysica acaudata Borcea, 1934
Phtisica antillensis [not Mayer] Pequegnat, 1966

Phtisica marina