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Status in World Register of Marine Species

Accepted name: Caprella linearis Linnaeus, 1767

Scientific synonyms and common names

Cancer linearis Linnaeus, 1767
Onisci scolopendroidis Pallas, 1772
Squilla lobata Mülller, 1776
Squilla quadrilobata Abildgaard, 1788
Gammarus quadrilobatus.-Abildgaard, 1789
Cancer (Gammarellus) linearis Herbst, 1793
Cancer linnearis.-Linnaeus, 1800
Caprella punctata Risso, 1816
Caprella laevis Goodsir, 1842
Caprella phasma [not Montagu] Rathke, 1843
Caprella acuminifera [not Leach] Rathke, 1843
Caprella scolopendroides [not Lamarck] Rathke, 1843
Caprella lobata Bate, 1856
Caprella linearis f. gullmarensis Mayer, 1903
Caprella linearis f. distalis Mayer, 1903

Caprella linearis