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(Roux, 1830)

Carapace suboval, much broader than long, dorsal surface coarsely tuberculate, tubercles often carinate, median and sub-median lobes acute; dorsal orbital margin with a V-shaped incision. Antero-lateral margins of carapace setose, with five well spaced curved teeth, the fifth longest. Chelipeds equal in size, relatively thin, propodus with longitudinal tuberculate carinae, carpal process long; pereiopods long, second to fourth thin, dactylus styliform; propodus with two longitudinal carinae extending along whole of ventral margin; dactylus of fifth pereiopod broadly lanceolate with a conspicuous longitudinal median carina.

Carapace length up to 28 (34) mm.

Depth range; reported from just beyond 80 metres.

Dorsal surface of carapace yellowish red, chelipeds lighter with touches of red.

Shetland, Viking, Plymouth, Dublin, Fastnet, Cork, Sole.

Macropipus tuberculatus