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(Linnaeus, 1758)

Carapace dorsally convex; frontal region broad, margin sometimes faintly bibbed, orbits wide, eyes conspicuous; outer epibranchial, meso- and metabranchial regions with faint, obliquely placed carinae. Antero-lateral margins of carapace sometimes with a faint notch. Chelipeds equal in size, distal inner margins of merus serrate; merus of third to fifth pereiopods broad, lower margins of propodus and of dactylus of second to fifth with spines.

Carapace length up to 10 (17.5) mm.

Depth range; reported as pelagic and inhabiting Sargassum weed, also on bottoms of ships and among Lepas on floating timber. Breeding March-October, occasionally other months.


Planes minutus