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Kröyer, 1837

Carapace hexagonal, broader than long, dorsal surface minutely rugose; submedian lobes prominent, inner orbital margins acute to subacute, ventrally with a strong tooth. Antero-lateral margins of carapace with three well developed acute teeth, first and second anteriorly directed. Chelipeds moderately stout, slightly unequal; pereiopods relatively long and thin, merus to propodus compressed, dactylus strongly depressed, third and fourth pereiopods slightly longer than others, fifth longer than major cheliped.

Carapace length up to 40 (80) mm.

Depth range beyond 82 metres. on soft mud. Ovigerous April (outside Area in January-March).

Carapace reddish brown, pereiopods lighter.

Orkney, Viking, Firth of Forth.

Geryon tridens