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(Krøyer, 1844)

Carapace with antennal spine. Rostrum broad, half the length of the antennular peduncle (a1); 2-5 dorsal teeth, tip of rostrum bi- or tridentate (rarely a single point).
Antennal scale with slightly concave outer margin, 1.3 times the length of the antennal peduncle; the spine exceeds the lammelar portion or is equal in length.
Maxillipede 3 up to 1.25 times the length of the antennal scale.
Pereiopods 1-3 with epipods.
Telson usually with four or five pairs of lateral spines.

Variable, green, red-brown, pink, speckled.

Length up to 28 mm.

Down to about 500 metres. Hyperbenthic species, may swim up at night, mostly confined to the nepheloid layer.

Distribution in the North Sea:
Northwestern North Sea, including Skagerrak and Kattegat.

World distribution:
N Atlantic Ocean.

Eualus pusiolus