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(Sars, 1866)

Female carapace twice as long as high. Anterior vestibulum broad, shaped like an axe-head; marginal pore canals short, simple (about fifteen anteriorly). Distal process of male copulatory appendage triangular with a produced, curved posterior corner; ejaculatory duct conspicuous, gently curved (K. praetexta 6 ).

Sublittoral, found on sand and mud at depths of 50-500 metres, occasionally shallower.

An Eocene species, Cythere (Cytherideis) bartonensis Jones, 1857, was for a long time considered to be a senior synonym of K. praetexta, but has been shown to have a different hinge structure by Khosla & Haskins (1980) who designated it the type-species of their new genus Dentokrithe.

It has been recorded off NE England, Scotland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Krithe praetexta