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(Sowerby, 1806)

Body extremely slender and subcylindrical. The segment bearing pereiopod 1 fused with the cephalon. Middle segment (4) of the pereion about twice the length of anterior segments and the cephalon; in female the surface is covered with small tubercles, two of which are conspicuous anteriorly on dorsal surface; in male the surface is smooth and cylindrical. Pereiopods 1 to 4 elongate, very densely setose and directed toward the mouth; pereiopods 5 to 7 short, stout and adapted for clinging.
Female up to 30 mm body length; males up to 10 mm.

There are some intertidal records, presumably of specimens washed up from below tidemarks.

Ranging from northern Norway, east to the Kattegat and southwards to Portugal.

Astacilla longicornis