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(Montagu, 1808)

Female pereion with distinct segments, which have prominent, pointed lateral projections, particularly on segments 1 and 2. Cephalon with a prominent frontal lamella. Oostegites overlapping and covered with small, pointed projections. Pleon segments distinct, with six pairs of characteristic branched lateral processes, and with five pairs of pleopods each with a lamellar endopod and a cylindrical exopod; uropods long and tubular. Males pleon segments fused, and with six pairs of characteristic unbranched processes.
Body length of female 6-7 mm.

This species is recorded from the gill chamber of Callianassa subterranea , a predominantly sublittoral burrowing decapod.

Britain, Channel Islands, the Atlantic coast of France, the Mediterranean and Adriatic.

Ione thoracica