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(Montagu, 1808)

Body long and narrow, subcylindrical. Eyes large, particularly in males. Antenna 1 of female small, those of male with the flagellum elongate and densely clothed with filamentous setae. Pereional segments longer than wide. Pleon segments of females at most only slightly distinct, those of males more distinct; uropodal exopods arching dorsally and medially over the telson. Telson subquadrate, widest posteriorly. Females up to 11 mm body length, males smaller, up to 4 mm.

In fully marine situations, mainly sublittoral, but occasionally between tidemarks in crevice-like situations such as among Laminaria holdfasts, and in empty tubes of polychaetes, such as Pomatoceros , Spirorbis and Sabellaria .

A southern species, recorded from Millport, the Isle of Man, South Wales, southwest England and the Mediterranean.

Anthura gracilis