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(Kröyer, 1842)

Pleon segments toothed but variable; each segment with several small teeth of which the median tooth is usually the largest. Coxal plates short, plate 1 scarcely prolonged anteriorly, plates 1 to 4 with a small posterodistal tooth; female plate 6 anterior lobe obliquely rounded. Epimeral plate 3 distal angle forming a large tooth, margins smooth. Head with broadly rounded lateral lobes, post-antennal angle acute; eyes small, rounded to oval. Antenna 1 and 2 elongate and weakly setose; antenna 1 slender, almost as long as the body, peduncle article 1 with about four ventral spines, flagellum longer than the peduncle, multi-articulate; accessory flagellum usually 4-articulate. Antenna 2 peduncle article 2 with a large curved spine at the inner distal angle, articles 4 and 5 about equal, flagellum up to about 12-articulate. Gnathopod 1 setose, propodus about equal in length to the carpus, oval, palm oblique, convex, delimited by a small tooth, dactylus with the inner margin minutely toothed. Female gnathopod 2 much larger than gnathopod 1, merus acute distally, propodus large, setose, broadly oval, palm oblique delimited by a small tooth, palmar margin irregularly crenulate, dactylus with the outer margin setose. Male gnathopod 2 generally similar to the femaleone, except that it is much larger and more robust. Pereiopods 5 to 7 robust, basis elongate and weakly expanded, posterior margin distinctly serrate. Uropod 3 outer ramus very elongate and at least twice the length of the peduncle, spinose, inner ramus very small. Telson deeply cleft, lobes acute apically, each with one or two small inner-marginal spines.

Up to about 22 mm.

Depth range from 5 to 300 metres.

An arctic-boreal species. North Atlantic, Arctic Ocean, American and European coasts; also North Pacific. European coasts from northern Norway to Denmark and Northumberland.

Melita dentata