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(Bate, 1862)

Body slender, pleon segments toothed dorsally; segment 1 usually without teeth or with a single small tooth, segments 2 and 3 usually with three teeth, segments 4 and 5 usually with two teeth, segment 6 with three teeth (number of teeth variable); urosome segments with dorsal spinules. Coxal plates 1 to 4 short, only weakly overlapping, plates 1 and 2 with large marginal spinules, plate 5 not excavate posteriorly. Head with narrow lateral lobes, especially in male; eyes oval. Antenna 1 half the body length, peduncle article 2 much longer than article 1, article 3 very short, flagellum about equal to the length of the peduncle, setose; accessory flagellum 4 or 5-articulate. Antenna 2 gland cone prominent, peduncle about as long as the peduncle of antenna 1, flagellum short. Male gnathopod 1 slender, carpus longer than the propodus, both narrowly rectangular and strongly setose, palm short and oblique, delimited by a spine. Female gnathopod 1 similar to the male one, except that the carpus and propodus are about equal in length. Male gnathopod 2 merus with the anterior margin acute, carpus short, propodus very large and robust, palm strongly sculptured with two rounded tubercles and several large spines. Female gnathopod 2 similar to gnathopod 1 except that the carpus is longer than the propodus. Pereiopods 5 to 7 robust, spinose, basis slender, scarcely expanded, dactylus very small. Uropods 1 and 2 rami about equal, spinose; uropod 3 peduncle long and robust, rami about equal, lanceolate, with small marginal spines. Telson much broader than long, cleft to about half its length, each lobe with one or two prominent spines.

Up to about 9 mm.


Depth range from 10 to 180 metres.

Atlantic coast of Europe; North Sea; western Mediterranean.

Maerella tenuimana