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(Risso, 1816)

Submedian lobes of carapace shallow or poorly developed. Antero-lateral margins of carapace with five strongly curved teeth, alternating slightly in size, first and second often lobate, length of fifth at least twice the width. Chelipeds unequal in size; second to fourth pereiopods thin and moderately compressed, third shorter than fourth; carpus-dactylus of second to fourth with longitudinal carinae, dactylus styliform; propodus and dactylus of fifth moderately broad, dactylus lanceolate.

Carapace length up to 24 (34) mm.

Depth range from 28 to 91 metres. Ovigerous May-July.

Carapace brilliant reddish brown, sometimes with dark blotches (Bate, 1851).

East Channel, Channel Isles, Plymouth, Scilly Isles, Bristol Channel.

Bathynectes longipes