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(Risso, 1816)

Carapace posteriorly elevated, dorsal surface smooth, frontal region produced well in advance of first pair of antero-lateral teeth; median and sub-median lobes sometimes developed but obtuse; each dorso-orbital margin with a small lobe. Antero-lateral margins of carapace with five teeth, margin of first long and concave. Chelipeds equal in size and compressed, inner margin of carpus and propodus with setose longitudinal carinae; second to fifth pereiopods moderately stout and compressed; anterior margins of propodus and carpus of second to fourth pereiopods cristate; dactylus of fifth lanceolate with a median carina.

Carapace length up to 14 (20) mm.

Depth range reported from low water spring tides in coarse shell and fine gravel. to metres. Rare in Area, reported Ovigerous crabs and megalopas in August.

Carapace uniform dull greenish-yellow to white, dactylus of second to fourth pereiopods pale brown to violet.

East Channel, Plymouth.

Xaiva biguttata